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TravelWord can help travel managers with written communications in both on-line and off-line environments. Examples include:

Up to top travel policy
Travel managers work very hard to build a travel policy but it can easily be undermined by confusing wording. Let TravelWord write the policy for you in crystal-clear language and - for companies with a transatlantic presence - translate between British and American English.

Up to top strategy papers for senior management  
When dealing with senior management, travel managers usually have only limited time to make their business case. TravelWord can prepare punchy, authoritative copy that commands attention and lays out your strategy in a tight, concise format.
Examples include:
  • outlining a technology strategy
  • why your corporate travel department is changing from a profit centre to a cost centre
  • seeking senior management endorsement for a tough travel policy
Whatever the reason, you may have only five minutes to gain approval for a project that will shape the whole of your year. Make your time count with TravelWord.

Up to top traveller communications  
Travel managers have come to realise they achieve much better compliance with corporate travel policy if they explain the reasons behind it. There are also times when they need to convey potentially unpopular messages in a favourable manner. Call in TravelWord to communicate why travellers should use only preferred suppliers or can no longer fly business class across the Atlantic.

Up to top travel intranet content  
More and more companies are developing travel sites on their corporate intranets as an excellent means of communicating travel programmes and providing information services for travellers. But who is going to write the content? How do you build the site? What do you want to put on it? Who will maintain it? TravelWord will help write material for your travel intranet and set up a structure for design and maintenance.

Up to top global internal communications  
Many travel managers now have global responsibilities, involving co-ordination of team members spread across the world. There can be pronounced cultural differences between those personnel, some of whom do not speak English as their first language. Once again, clear, unambiguous written communication is of utmost importance. TravelWord is fully attuned to these sensitivities and can help you to deal with colleagues around the world in both British English and American English.